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We have all experienced that day when something falls out of style, what was once a beautiful piece now falls out of line with our standards as fashion trends and personal preferences continue to change like the tide. It's unfortunate but it happens all the time in the ever-moving fashion industry many of us indulge in and many more of us dabble in from time to time. For some of us this is a frustrating practice, and in understanding this many brands are moving away from fast approaches towards our wardrobes into something more sustainable. Lifetime pieces or “timeless fashion” are champions of this idea. A “lifetime piece” is a high quality item of clothing made to be kept in the long-term, designed to be something that lasts across our personal stretches of time while timeless fashion describes an elegant design that looks good no matter what, no matter when. At The Flock this is what we sell.

The standard for all of our products is: “absolutely must be sustainably and ethically sourced”, this involves the necessary inclusion of the timeless fashion and lifetime pieces that have us feeling satisfied at the end of the day… or end of the decade. Right now we are having an end of summer sale focusing on just this. A huge amount of our ethical fashion labels are reduced – some items from full price of $249 now at just $99 –. For those of you interested, this is a fabulous time to get some extra basics or classics at a very low price.

Check it out now at

We are very appreciative of our lovely local customers’ showing support for our small business. We hope for you to continue to buy from us and gain pleasure from the amazing services we provide. Should you wish to contact us about anything, email us at . Wishing a lovely day to everyone.

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