The First Autumn Feature: from Knitwear 2020

In New Zealand we are falling deeper and deeper into autumn... The seasons are cycling again into the cold months that necessitate a wardrobe change into insulating fits!!! The cosy nights are upon us! It is a time to burrow into our own warmth as the sun becomes scarcer and the days grow shorter. As a beautiful mirror of this time, from knitwear has released its 2020 autumn line that we are featuring today...

We love to spotlight certain excellences in our stock that we ourselves are in love with... that is what we are doing today with from’s knitwear...

As said by from “The falling autumn leaves and early evening dusk have inspired the autumn 2020 collection... Intricate tapestry details and soft arran scarves will keep you cosy.”

Designed by Yvonna van Hulzen of Widdess, and produced by Optimum Knitwear in New Zealand, from is a brand that stays in line with our ethical practices while providing beautiful artisan pieces... If you did not know this already, as a retail shop The Flock has strict rules that have to do with ethics, sustainability and environmentalism (see here.). All products must fall in line with these rules to be sold at our shop; yet however much we seek out products in line with the environment and the wellbeing of all things impacted by retail, so too do we seek out beauty to give within that...

We will not sell a thing we do not think you will love.

Retail is a tool for the pleasure of people (in whatever way that pleasure comes individually), and our priority along with providing environmentalism and excellence is to satiate the desires of those who come to us to buy. from passes the test. We can see quality within the knitwear that beyond our own love and appreciation we know will be loved by others…

The 2020 knitwear stays natural and soft within its colours while giving you soft pops of hue to spice up the atmosphere of any outfit… a lot like the natural vibrancy of autumn’s time…. The knitwear’s design is as always, impeccable! Elegant cuts sit alongside the soft cosy impression knitwear always gives - the dance between the two different in each individual piece yet excellent in all! This is some beautiful stuff. We are proud to be selling this stock.

from knitwear is soft, it also holds a timeless look that compliments many, regardless of shape, age or anything of the sort!! As always, knitwear's potential beauty (as a type of style) fits all of us! from actualises this potential... It boasts high quality merino to last the descending winter, and many, many winters beyond that...

from’s collection is knitted in extra fine merino wool from organically farmed livestock, and their dyeing complies with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

from shines as a brand striving for beauty without harm, acting both inspired by nature and in support of it.

To see what we sell of from, click here.

Much love,

from The Flock

St Martins

Christchurch 8022

New Zealand  

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