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Pampering Yourself: Re-Introducing Anoint!

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Recently on our website we have had the pleasure of adding more of a long-loved brand of ours to our ever-growing product list. This brand is Anoint, and in its excellence we wish to further introduce it to you!

The first thing you may notice with anoint is its beautiful packaging. The skincare range - while sticking to rules of recyclability or reusability that fit in line with our strict ethics - showcase gorgeous and unique packaging designs hand finished with boutique touches.

Handcrafted in small batches and made in Kerikeri, New Zealand, Anoint's origins come from a small eclectic gallery on Waiheke Island called “Upcycle”. Initially all of their packaging came from upcycled damaged books, maps, unwanted sheet music and discarded embellishments discovered in op shops or car boot sales. Now their packaging obeys the rules of “reusable or recyclable” wherever possible only using glass, tin, cork, ceramic or cardboard rather than plastic.

Anoint has the philosophy that Nature Knows Best, using natural plant-based ingredients, (no preservatives, chemicals, parabens or fragrances), and the essential oils they use are carefully selected and blended for therapeutic properties. Their products are suitable for those with sensitive skin in that their products are all natural; and in addition to being cruelty free (no animal testing used) they do not use palm oil in anything they make.

Next week we have even more Anoint products coming in! We are happy to announce that amongst these new products is Anoint's new line of Aromatherapy eye pillows! Crafted by hand with the beautiful floral fabric designs we come to expect of the brand, the eye pillows are filled with a mixture of Botanicals, Essential Oils and Brown Rice to sooth your eyes and encourage a relaxing stillness of mind. The brown rice within the pillows adds weight, gently fitting soft fabric to the contours of your face while blocking out light to stop visual stimuli, getting your mind to relax and trigger your Vagus Nerve. (For those who do not know the Vagus Nerve is believed to activate a reflex that lowers your heart rate, regulates your mood, and releases a neurological signal that gives your body and mind permission to relax!)

In addition to the eye pillows we are also adding Anoint's Aromatherapy Candles to our collection, fully stocking up on products aligning with the healing powers of aromatherapy!

While the candles provide light and the pillows block it out, both are designed with calming and relaxation in mind to provide self-soothing to anybody who desires it.

We hope you enjoy what these exciting new products have to offer!

Much love, from The Flock!

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