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A Spotlight On ELK

Elk is a long-loved supplier of ours, delivering to our site a variety of beautiful products. From sculptural accessories to classic bags, wallets, footwear and clothes that can stand the tides of the ever-changing fashion landscape while still staying relevant and sleek. Elk is a pioneer of independent Australian design that we are proud to have as a part of our shop. Founded by the lovely husband and wife Marnie Goding and Adam Koniaras in 2004 in Melbourne, Australia, Elk has a highly considered approach to design. In terms of origin, founder Marine has said that in helping her husband's bespoke fine jewellery business Elk quickly grew due to it being a place of opportunity as well as a great creative outlet. Now it has grown to be a brilliant example of impeccable design and transparent ethical practices that lead the fashion industry into the future through example.

Recently releasing a transparency report, Elk is all about ensuring the maintenance of ethical-practice in the long term. Elk takes on responsibility that is much needed in the fashion industry, swearing to an ethos of slow fashion (an antithesis to environmentally detrimental fast fashion trends) and transparency/authenticity. As said by the brand itself “Our transparency report is a comprehensive review of where, who and how we make our products. It details information about our tier one factories, the people who work with us and the materials we use. It also details the social and environmental impacts of our business operations. It serves as a public statement around our commitment to running a business with transparency, honesty and integrity.”

In our opinion this is a system that inspires both accountability and support. What needs improvement is plainly looked at publicly - possibly bringing in more minds and resources than just the brand alone - while what is done right is celebrated and acts as an example of how it can be done.

Elk is a part of a greater movement of change, making waves through demand and awareness while shifting conventions in the simple but pertinent broadcast that the way we make products can and has to change.

“A a family owned and operated business, there is a great respect for people who work within and for the business. Transparency and honesty are fundamental values upheld across the entire supply chain. Likewise is the awareness around the impact that Elk has on the people, communities and environment we work in. Our goals are to operate ethically and transparently, minimise our environmental footprint, and promote positive, social practices.”

Elk is beautiful. As a brand it is a pioneer on the front of considering one's impact on the environment as a creator - which is something that we should all acknowledge and reward as an ideal should we value it. Elk is changing the game through material example. Their products are designed as collection pieces that will stand the test of time and act as a beautiful addition to a life-long wardrobe rather than something that will fade with the fashion tides that seem to be ever moving. Elk is a friend to those who adore the cause of looking out for life on planet Earth and a friend to anyone who loves high quality fashion expressed in elegantly refined simplicity.

We are honestly happy to have them as one of our suppliers and we hope (should choose to be so) that you, our customers, enjoy being their supporters through our shop.

Should you wish to shop for Elk products specifically, find them here.

Much love,

From The Flock.

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