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A New Phase of Online Retail For The Flock!


I cast my mind back to January 1st 2020 and the intense feeling that came along with the new decade. I had the impression that this would be a significant year and a time of many changes and growth. By March it was clear that though all of the above might be only too true, the reasons for the changes and growth were far from what most people could have ever imagined... The future has changed drastically from that which we had planned for ourselves, and the retail experience of The Flock has been shifting for a while now, begging for something new as the old fades into irrelevance. Change has been knocking at the door and it is in the ability to listen and adapt that we build a new life on what is presented now, rather than what we wish was.

In this change I present the new platform on which The Flock will carry out its business, this very website!

Our online presence is a new and fresh one, designed to be even more crystal clear than our physical shop in Christchurch New Zealand ever managed to be... Our focus is on products and materials that are natural, organic and sustainably sourced (as it has always been!) In moving to a digital landscape we maintain the ethics that we have held in our little corner of the globe as a physical shop, and present what we have, now open to the world through the connected venue of e-commerce!

Wherever you are, you deserve to have the resources to make the decisions you want to make. The Flock will be standing as an unwaveringly environmental resource for those who wish to commit to such a thing; that commitment standing even just for a day or through a simple garment that supports the future we wish in bulk for... The Flock works hard in the best interests of that which retail touches in its’ influence... From natural dyes you can run through your washing machine so not to pollute water, to humane ethics and stark conviction against unfair labour and slavery, The Flock is about ETHICS, read about it here.

It is up to the world to support this or not, it is up to the individual to support this or not, and it is up to a few to make available these new ethical ways of being so people can choose. That is what The Flock continues to do as we take our shop from a simple physical location to the worldwide-web that more and more are engaging with every day...

So, as we have always said: An extra special welcome to you! Are you looking for anything special today?

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