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  • About Kowtow:
    The Kowtow clothing range is made from all natural organic cotton which is sustainably grown through Certified Fair Trade in India. They use only natural GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) approved dyes, and all fastenings are fabric ties, buttons made in Italy from recycled hemp or 100% recycled stainless steel domes on their organic denim fabrics. No zips because they aren’t natural enough. Kowtow was named the No1 sustainable New Zealand company in May 2017 and they pride themselves on beautiful design to pair with their sustainable ethics.
  • How does Status Anxiety leather meet The Flock’s Ethical standards?
    Status Anxiety leathers are a by-product of the food industry and sourced from tanneries with strict ethical production standards. Their furs and hides are all printed cowhides (not rare and endangered snow leopards). Status Anxiety prides itself on premium leathers, ethically sourced - as it should be! The leathers are high quality and unique, capitalising on the long-lasting nature of good leather which can endure much and still maintain beauty as it ages. Instead of fast fashion and synthetic materials, Status Anxiety provides quality wear that lasts a long time. Only Y.K.K. zips, the best quality in the world.
  • How do I care properly for my Status Anxiety leather?
    If your Status Anxiety product gets wet, let it dry in its original shape out of direct sunlight. Avoid contact with pens/ink as they can soak below the surface and will not come out. Leather can dry out and change colour with prolonged/extreme sun exposure. Leather is basically a skin, so avoid scratching on rough surfaces. We recommend using a leather protectant to keep the baddies out. Remember... leather is meant to age/wear with you and develop its own idiosyncrasies and character. After all, that’s why we love it so much.
  • About ELK:
    Designed in Melbourne Australia, ELK is a Certified Fair Trade brand holding a unique aesthetic place within the fashion landscape. ELK adopts an unwavering commitment to working with small manufacturers across the globe whose traditional skills and techniques guarantee authentic, high quality execution of their collections. ELK has a strong ethical foundation. All manufacturers are visited numerous times each year where working conditions, company ethics, workers rights and workplace safety are assessed prior to any engagement by ELK. Transparency and honesty are fundamental values upheld across the entire supply chain. The following is a summary of Elk’s code: - no child labour or forced labour including hired subcontractors and outsourced workers sweat shop free - wages to be paid above legal minimum and to consider the cost of living. These must cover over-time (which must be voluntary), insurance and other such entitlements as sick leave etc - clean and safe working environments that adhere to local laws and that pass the scrutiny of independent assessment. This covers buildings, safety equipment, waste management, chemical management, the provision and maintenance of hygienic amenities, clean drinking water etc - all factories must initially be visited by an ELK team member before any work commences and then ongoing annual or bi annual visits - all suppliers are to sign a working agreement and code of conduct with ELK before commencing any work which must be signed by all parties - an independent assessment body will be appointed to provide factory accreditation. Most commonly SEDEX or Intertek. These accreditations must be kept up to date and any course of action to improve, repair or implement recommendations must be demonstrated
  • About fromknitwear:
    Designed by Yvonna van Hulzen of Widdess and beautifully produced by Optimum Knitwear in New Zealand. The collection is knitted in extra fine merino wool from organically farmed livestock. Dyeing complies with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).
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