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"The Flock is owned and operated by Melody Leveridge. Focused on ethics and sustainability, The Flock stands as an unwaveringly environmental resource that people can trust to act in the best interests of the environment and the customer."

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From recycling and reusing the pins that hold our price tags, to the premium and organic fair-trade fabrics of our clothing, The Flock is all about supporting a more healthy Earth while meeting all your high-quality fashion needs as a customer.

“At The Flock, we believe that great design is an integral part of a fulfilling lifestyle. When we are sourcing goods for you we look for authenticity, innovation, beauty, quality of materials, and products that are sustainable and fairly traded. We are fascinated by the story of the makers and the making, and this is reflected in our carefully selected range of wares. Our dedication to supporting designers, crafters, makers, and industry in New Zealand is coupled with an appreciation for design from around the world and we therefore enjoy sourcing goods that are produced responsibly and only through certified fair trade from overseas.” - Melody Leveridge


"The Flocks intention is to stand at the worlds side as a pillar of the intention to grow towards compassion for all things... This is carried out in guilt-free shopping, where all areas impacted by retail are taken into consideration."

Workers Rights/Fair Trade:


Fair Trade is an arrangement that is designed to help producers in developing countries achieve good trading. In essence, people are paid right. Sweatshops for example (which are places of labour that put people in poor working conditions, pay unfair wages, require overzealous and strenuous working hours and lack benefits for workers) are a violation of Fair Trade. Fair Trade seeks to promote greater equity in international trading partnerships through dialogue, transparency, and respect. 

The Flock exclusively pairs with brands that are Certified Fair Trade when labour or materials are outsourced. Meaning if a product is not handmade by a craftsperson we know personally and can vouch for the fair-treatment of, we look to the certification of fair trade to ensure ALL products are up to our ethical standards.


Looking after you, the customer:

Fashion trends change like the tides, year in and year out. The Flock aims to maintain ethical fashion integrity with timeless and unique products so that what you buy satiates you over the long run as well as the short-run. This lessens the necessity for the strain on sweatshops where things must be mass-produced for low prices, driving companies to the mistreatment of workers in developing countries. As stated above in our section on Fair Trade, we supply New Zealand designed and handcrafted goods with the few suppliers of imported goods being strictly Certified Fair Trade. This means what we offer as a company beyond the spread of ethical design and beautiful products is a guilt-free shopping experience. Environmental, Ethical and Sustainable is our motto, but that always ties into looking after you, the customer, through our practices and trade.

Resources from the environment:


Almost everything around us is sourced from our planet earth. No matter how manipulated our resources, they all come from the same thing: The Earth. It is our responsibility to consider this and understand what is being taken from the earth and where so we may know how the creation and removal of these resources impacts our planet. This is something deeply considered at The Flock when selecting what we sell.


Processing (The Ethical Creation Process):


Beyond the sourcing of materials, it is also important to consider the treatment process of whatever materials we take from the earth when ensuring an ethical creation process that contributes to the overall ethical motto of our shop. "Processing" is the stage where things are flushed with chemicals in production to create the final product… but not with The Flock's products. The dyes for our clothing, leather and the like are all non-toxic. Our products top to bottom do not involve the harsh chemicals that strip ecosystems to the bone. 

Our Stance On Plastic: 

We take great measures to exclude the involvement of harmful plastic in every step of the process of getting our stock and selling it. Our clothing is shipped to us wrapped in completely compostable corn starch pseudo-plastic for example.

The plastics that we do sell are fully biodegradable or ethically recycled. 

The Treatment Of Animals:


The skincare ranges we sell are made in New Zealand. In 2009, New Zealand banned Cosmetic Testing on animals. So, nothing in our cosmetic range involves animal testing. 

The brands which supply our leatherware are as dedicated to ethical practices as we are. All leather is sourced when possible from the end of line of the food industry. Meaning instead of the leather involved in the production of meat going to waste, it is picked up by our suppliers and used to make beautiful wear. This means less animals are killed to create leatherwear, left-over resources from other industries are utilised instead of being thrown out, and you get a beautiful product. This, while not completely vegan, lessens the exploitation of animals.

Clean Energy:

In 2017 New Zealand reported 82% of its generated electricity coming from renewable resources. By 2025 the aim is for this percentage to be at 100%. With the vast majority of our suppliers being New Zealand-based, our products are developed within a consistent base of ethical energy that is ever-improving. Beyond this, because The Flock pairs with brands that match our own ethical vision, many brands (including those with international reach) take great measures to ensure use of clean energy when possible. This intention trickles down to many details when processing and creating products, such as using energy-conserving light bulbs in factories or product-development premises.


"My favourite thing about the shop is that along with beautiful products you are receiving things that you don't have to feel guilty about buying! It's sustainable and environmental in a way that satiates both the fashionista and hippie inside of all of us!"


The Flock's products all have a freshness to their design that compliments quite literally almost everybody... No matter what there is something to find to compliment any  classic style. I like this as I can play up or play down what I buy. I can also recommend The Flock to others, knowing I'm encouraging sustainability. At TF you are receiving things that you don't have to feel guilty about buying. I love this. It makes shopping less about choosing between getting what you want and supporting the environment, and makes it about getting what you want BY supporting the environment!   - A.B.

Have purchased many items from this store and have been really pleased with them all. Melody is always so helpful and easy to deal with. Great ethic (fair trade products), great service, great store! Will definitely be back 😊 - Niki 

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An amazing shop! I'm genuinely happy to be supporting it.
Excellent products, excellent service, excellent ethics, and e
xcellent vision!

Lovely for it to be NZ owned & to be supporting so many NZ artists and creators. A beautiful selection of stuff! - Lissa J L

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The Flock makes shopping ethically easy as all their products are.  - Wendy Kelp

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We have been featured multiple times within the METROPOL - a New Zealand-based, locally focused and run magazine. They have written beautiful articles about us, so be sure to check them out!

We have also been featured in the reputable New Zealand journalism site STUFF. Check it out here.

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